Italian independent new media agency Mamadigital officially launches its own Trading Desk for planning display campaigns in Real-time Bidding (RTB)

A leading edge experience on the Italian market, the aim of the new Business Unit is allowing customers to plan banners, videos, mobile ADS, also in social environments, purchasing the individual impressions available in Ad Exchanges with a highly focused and data driven target selection, with optional real time optimisation.


The Italian independent New Media Agency Mamadigital officially launches its own Trading Desk for planning display campaigns in Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

«It is a new business unit – explains Emiliano Cappai, Mamadigital’s CEO and Co-founder – on which we have been working for more than a year and that we are launching now after experimenting for months: it is a mix of proprietary technology, international partnerships and a specialised team that allows us to provide our clients with highly innovative planning services with an extremely focused target selection: our main goal is to allow our customers to plan display campaigns, that is banners, videos, mobile ADS in social environments as well, by purchasing the individual impressions on the basis of their real value in the campaigns, calculated basing on behaviour, interest and intent parameters. We are extremely proud of this new division as it represents a leading edge experience on the Italian market. And we think that even on the European scene, led by the UK, our project stands out as a strongly innovative one».

One of the strongest points of Mamadigital’s Trading Desk is that it employs the Conversion Tale™ proprietary technology, an analytics and pre-bidding software that makes it possible to understand the origin of the habits of the best users accessing the customers’ sites with the aim, for example, of re-targeting them or searching the Internet for “lookalike” segments (similar profiles) that show marked similarity to the audiences the agency’s clients expect to start a relationship with.

How does Real-time bidding work? 

It happens increasingly often that the advertising spaces of millions of websites, even very prestigious ones, are managed by means of  “Ad Exchange”, that is immense marketplaces where individual impressions, and therefore the attention of individual users, are auctioned to the best bidder. In other words, the users’ behaviour is anonymously tracked, with no breach of their privacy, with the aim of creating profiles linked to habits, interests and intents and thus plan those advertising messages potential users may be more interested in.

By means of Real-time bidding technology it is possible to purchase the individual impressions, deciding whether to pay more or less depending on that impression’s value for the advertiser. All of this is made by using automatic buying platforms, that is without the limitations of manual buying with traditional sales houses, thus allowing constant optimisations. To be more precise, the value of the individual impression is calculated with quite sophisticated means, using both “first party” data, i.e. data collected by monitoring the behaviour of the users on one’s site, or by means of “third party”  data, i.e. companies that provide information on the users’ anonymous profiles, making it possible to evaluate their compliance to our campaigns.

The new Mamadigital business unit completes the company’s offer and integrated approach which is part of Universal Optimization®, that is that mix of proprietary technologies and methods that makes it possible to optimise the online presence of the client on all available digital platforms, including social networks.

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“Uno staff tecnico attento e disponibile, capace di proporre soluzioni innovative. Questi gli aspetti da evidenziare nella collaborazione con Mamadigital, oltre alla straordinaria capacità di anticipare i tempi e di definire strategie creative ed efficaci.”

Yigit Evren Aktekin
Ecommerce Manager, Terranova